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Luis Ricardo De la Rosa, CPA


W. García y Asociados is integrated by a group of associated professionals, each of which is specialized in their fields, working as a team in order to meet the needs of our clients by providing them with the best professional service.

Consulting firms, such as individual persons, have their own characteristics. We at W. García y Asociados believe that a distinctive feature is our ability to provide services supported by both quality and personal effort, since partners and professional staff in the Firm perform our work carefully and responsibly beyond the standards for consulting firms because within the business environment counting on a team integrated by professionals of different fields becomes a relevant support for the operation of businesses that hire our independent services.

You need complete professional assistance to optimize the use of your resources. As our client, you shall receive the services of a team integrated by professionals who are members of their community, people who knows the local environment, uses and customs, and understands its specific needs.

Each and every day we share our clients problems to provide them with effective, timely advice. Our organizational philosophy ensures our clients that they shall be supported by a firm that understands and presents Solutions to their problems.

Choosing the right consulting firm is one of the most important decisions for a company to make; you need more than just an auditor. Accordingly, the attendance of the professionals at W. García y Asociados at our clients' facilities is continuous and occurs more often than the usual. For example, when hired to audit financial statements at the beginning of each fiscal year, we estimate three, four or more visits within the year - as needed - according to our clients' needs, in order to avoid inconveniences at the closing, resulting from errors that might had been corrected timely.

The above is also applicable for consulting, anticipating several visits from time to time (in a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis), and not only when we are specifically required to attend. This frequent contact with clients provides a useful, convenient interchange.

Our firm counts on both human and technical resources, as well as wide experience in the fields of auditing, consulting and other related services, achieved by means of rendering our professional services to a number of public and private entities involved in different activities within the economic environment of the country. The members of our team have rendered our services to international auditing and consulting firms, as well as important companies in the private sector.

We further count of professionals specialized in marketing and international commerce, which enables us to advise our clients in the import-export activity.



Products being exported from Guatemalan enjoy several benefits that can be advantaged by means of the different agreements subscribed by countries in Central American and the rest of the world. Also, there are some methods being studied to benefit our clients when importing products either temporally or permanently.

Our Managing Partner, as well as other partners and professional and administrative staff devote 100% of their time to the firm, which means that neither of them has part time commitments which might affect the quality or compliance of our work, because one of our main objectives is to provide individual assistance to our clients through our staff, who takes direct responsibility in each of the jobs we perform. In this respect, our clients receive the best of our knowledge and resources, because at W. García y Asociados the service is much more than just a job as we take a sincere interest in those matters that are important for companies and individuals who hire our services. This is how our firm provides a service that is specialized, timely, and practical.

It is worth mentioning that within our firm's clients list, there are financing, industrial, commercial, banking, insurance, and service companies, as well as non-profitable entities such as (NGO's and Cooperatives) that are steadily growing. Accordingly, we have a wide and diversified experience that enables us to analyze situations with wider criteria.

We appreciate the opportunity of offering our clients the services of our firm, and look forward to provide them with the best quality and efficiency in an individual and yet integrated basis, in each of the fields we cover.

W. García y Asociados is registered in institutions such as the Superintendence of Banks (External Auditors Registration No. 2000-0028), and the Register of Prequalified Consultants (under Registration Code 1866G115, Title No. 0494-2000). Such registrations certify our ability to render professional services in several fields, including Tax and Financial Studies, Economic Feasibility Studies, Auditing of Financial Statements both operational and intern, Management Consulting, Organization, Computing General Studies, International Agreements, Financial Analysis and Projection, Operative Research, Staff Administration, Promotion, Training, Selection of Software and Hardware, and Information Systems, Organizational Guides, Cost, Proceedings, Cost Systems, Consulting, Fiscal and Financial Planning.

W. García y Asociados is an entity incorporated and operating according to the Guatemalan laws and regulations since October 1982, registered at the Mercantile Registry under number 9580, and at the Superintendence of Tax Administration under number 398762-0. Legal representation is executed by our Managing Partner, William García, Guatemalan, who meets all legal and academic requirements to professionally operate in Guatemala, registered at the Guatemalan Association of Economics Professionals (Colegio de Profesionales de las Ciencias Económicas) under number 669.


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